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Dolce Aesthetics is the beauty clinic in Boldon creating bespoke treatment plans with striking, natural-looking results

Led by mum-of-one Nicole, Dolce Aesthetics specialise in beauty, cosmetics, aesthetics and skincare treatments.

Written by High Life North
Published 25.11.2021

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‘Tis the season to dig out our festive glad rags, get ourselves glammed up and go out and hit the town in a whole month’s worth of celebrations.

But while we love the merry-making of Christmas party season, all that enjoying ourselves – coupled with our sudden plunge into the cold, wet weather outside with the central heating blasting inside – can play havoc with our skin. And there are few things that make us feel more self-conscious than having a breakout or a patch of excessive dryness on the day we’re supposed to be going out-out.

Maybe you’re not experiencing any skincare ‘issues’, as such, but you’re just not feeling as though you’ve still got that lustre or glow that your skin used to have. Maybe a few signs of ageing are creeping in there and shaking your confidence a little. And let’s face it ladies, Christmas ain’t the time to be worrying about our confidence.

That’s why we decided to catch up with Nicole Atkinson for a few tips before the holiday season even kicks off. With Nicole, we feel like all our skincare needs and queries are in safe hands – after all, she’s been a practising nurse for the last 11 years and is the founder of one of the North East’s most innovative beauty clinics, Dolce Aesthetics.

We ask Nicole how she’s getting her skin Christmas party-ready, discover just how easy Dolce’s ground-breaking new app is to use and find out why bespoke treatment plans are so important…

What’s Dolce Aesthetics all about?

Dolce Aesthetics is a fully insured business specialising in skincare, beauty and aesthetics treatments. All our work is carried out by a registered medical practitioner. We aim to give the most positive experiences to our clients, as well as helping them achieve the best possible results.

Can you break down the main differences between ‘aesthetics’ and ‘cosmetics’? 

Cosmetics is about make up and advanced beauty products; aesthetics is a lot more technical and specialised and focuses more on our skincare regimes. By their definitions, ‘cosmetic’ is about imparting or improving beauty, whereas ‘aesthetic’ is concerned with how beauty itself is formed.

Self-care is a big part of your offering. Do you think there’s a misconception that aesthetics treatments are superficial? 

I think it is really important to feel confident and happy within yourself and your own skin. If my clients feel happier with the support of aesthetic treatments, then I see nothing superficial about that.

I think there’s a huge stigma around aesthetics because of the dramatic, often unnatural-looking examples we see in the media. But it’s usually small enhancements that we create every day in clinic, with natural-looking results.

How can we book a treatment with Dolce Aesthetics? 

You can book an appointment via phone and email. However, what’s unique to us is that we’ve created our Dolce Aesthetics app, which you can download straight to your phone. This enables our clients to be completely in charge of their own appointments – they’re able to change or amend anything they like at the click of a button and receive all our service information and clinic availability completely at their disposal. We can also use the app to send appointment reminders, product recommendations and push notifications direct to our clients’ phones if they want us to.

What treatments do you offer?

We offer a variety of different treatments. Each package is tailored to a specific individual and is entirely bespoke, as each person has an individual skin type. It really is a completely tailored service – so if you’d like to find out more about our treatments, you may just have to book an appointment!

What if a potential customer knows that they want to improve their skin, but they’re not exactly sure what treatment to ask for? 

They don’t have to worry! We offer a free consultation that will go through their options and prospective results. It’s vital to me that every one of our clients feel at ease and comfortable to discuss their desired look and any concerns they may have prior to any treatments.

In this consultation, we’ll do a full assessment of the customer’s skin and any ‘problem areas’. We’ll then discuss achievable goals with them and will always recommend products or practices to use at home before, between and after appointments to help maintain and ensure lasting results.

What inspired you to start up Dolce Aesthetics? 

I just felt the job suited me, as a clinician. I’m a registered nurse with over 11 years’ experience in the NHS, so, back in December 2018, I took my love for skincare and my passion for art and combined them with my medical background to found Dolce Aesthetics. It made my dream of making others feel great about themselves a reality.

And talk us through your choice of name for the business – why ‘Dolce’? 

‘Dolce’ means: ‘performed in a sweet and soft manner’, and that’s the ethos of our business. We aim to carry out all our treatments with this in mind, ensuring you have the upmost confidence in us as aestheticians in a clinically safe and relaxed space, which has been created with your comfort and wellbeing in mind.

How are you getting your own skin Christmas party-ready?

Definitely with our The Works package! Especially designed to hydrate, soften and smooth the skin, our The Works facial involves a double cleanse and tone, alongside a detoxifying steam. Applying an antioxidant mask full of bacteria-fighting properties, we then follow with blackhead extraction and dermaplane (to rid you of any build-up of dead skin cells and trapped dirt).

Add to that a salicylic skin peel – to rebalance skin tone, stimulate cell growth and smooth away the look of fine lines – hot towels, a bespoke healing massage, LED light therapy and a blissful ice globes facial massage, and it’s the perfect way not only to reenergise your skin but also to alleviate all your stress ahead of the busy festive season!

What do you love most about your job? 

Making people feel happy within themselves. Everyone has their own hang ups and issues with their appearance and it’s my job to give them my undivided attention, time and focus. That’s really important to me. The best is seeing progression and fulfilment in my clients, especially those who battle with poor skin, and watching their confidence grow. Assisting them through that journey is such a privilege – the only healthy and worthwhile comparison worth making is you yesterday vs you today.

Some of our readers may be nervous about getting an aesthetics treatment, in case it changes their face beyond recognition. What would you say to reassure them?

I’m a medically trained practitioner with an experienced nursing background – you’re in safe hands! The unknown may seem scary, but you are in a safe clinical environment at Dolce Aesthetics. I have had specialist training and I keep up with all the latest guidelines and research to ensure my practice is up to date with all the latest practices and safety guidelines.

What does the future look like for Dolce Aesthetics? 

I have big hopes for this business. We’re currently working on our own product production, launching next year. When it comes to skincare, I felt there were so many big-name brands out there, with huge price tags attached to them that don’t necessarily reflect on the quality, effectiveness, or the uniqueness of the formula they’re offering. I’m looking at creating something which offers fair pricing for advanced beauty products, just without the ‘big brand’ name.


To find out more about Dolce Aesthetics and the treatments Nicole and her team offer, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Dolce Aesthetics, Boldon Beauty Clinic, 7 Front Street, East Boldon NE36 0SF

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