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March’s walk of the month: Craster to Dunstanburgh Castle

As we begin to spot the first signs of Spring, we reckon it’s about time we blow out those winter cobwebs with a trip to the coast.

Written by High Life North
Published 03.03.2022

Distance: 5.3km (3.3 miles)

Elevation: 90m

Time: 1–1.5h

Landscape image of Dunstanburgh Castle on Northumberland coastline in England during late Spring evening

Getting there:

The trailhead for the Craster to Dunstanburgh Castle Walk can be found next to the Jolly Fisherman Inn in the village of Craster.



We say this tentatively and with a great deal of finger-crossing behind our backs, but we feel like it may just be time for the beginning of brisk coastal walks and seriously blowing out those winter cobwebs, without actually freezing our socks off.

So, where to first? Best ease ourselves back into the ramble life gently, we reckon. That’s why we’ll be parking up at Craster and walking through the village before soaking up all that North Sea air on a delightful one to one-and-a-half hour jaunt up to the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle and back, (maybe tucking into some fish and chips on the way, just for sustenance).

Time-travelling back to Northumberland’s medieval past, while exploring a quaint seaside village and enjoying sensational coastal views? We reckon that ticks all the boxes, don’t you?


Where to park: If you’re travelling to Craster by car, you’re best parking in the Craster Quarry Car Park & Dunstanburgh Castle Car Park. It charges £1.50 per hour (or £6 for all day) and, while you can Pay By Phone, the Wi-Fi signal isn’t always great.

If you’re wanting to pay by card, you’ll have to use the ticket machine nearest the Tourist Information Centre, as the other machines here are cash-only. Luckily, the Centre also serves coffee, so you can start your walk energised, and there are WC facilities here, too.

Landscape image of Dunstanburgh Castle on Northumberland coastline in England during late Spring evening

Where to begin: Your adventure begins at the trailhead in the village of Craster, next to the Jolly Fisherman Inn.

Where to walk: Set off in a North-West direction through the village, before turning to the North-East to skirt around the edge of the harbour.

From here, follow the coastline and soak up those sensational sea views on your right, while rolling farmland will remain on your left.

Keep walking and you’ll soon find yourself at Dunstanburgh Castle, where you can explore the ruins of this once-prominent 14th-century coastal stronghold.

When you’re ready, loop around the site and make your way back to the south on your return to Craster. We’d also recommend popping into the Jolly Fisherman Inn for a cheeky post-walk pint and some proper pub grub.




To find out more about this walk, or if you’re looking to be inspired with more Northumberland rambles, check out 10 Adventures’ website.

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