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Attention runners – the ballot is open for this year’s Blaydon Race 2024…

And it’s easier than ever to secure a spot.

Written by High Life North
Published 10.02.2024

Aa went to Blaydon Races, ’twas on the ninth of Joon…

The race is on to bag a place at this year’s Blaydon Race 2024 on Sunday 9th June at 6.15pm.

It’s one of the most iconic races in the North East – and this year the entry process has changed to make it easier than ever to secure a spot.

For the first time, entries will be taken via a ballot system, meaning no more trying to time being online at just the right moment.

With 4,700 places up for grabs, you have until Saturday 17th February to enter.



Here’s the lowdown…


The race is quite literally, a legend. This 5.8 mile modern road race from Newcastle to Blaydon was created in 1981 and follows the route, as best it can, that the horse racegoers took in the 1862 Geordie Ridley song, Blaydon Races.

Its full history harks right back to 1811 when the historic horse race first took place. Our beloved travelling fun fair The Hoppings was there at the same time and it marked a big social event for locals. The meetings came to an end when the railway station was built in 1835.

It was revived in 1861 and became an official annual meeting in the British Racing Calendar, with George Ridley performing his now famous song at the event in 1862.

Today, it’s a running race which starts in Newcastle and runs from the Quayside through to Scotswood Bridge, finishing in Blaydon.

The headline sponsor year is Start Fitness, a firm local favourite for all things sport – find them near Monument in Newcastle to stock up on all your gear.


The ballot opened on Friday but don’t worry, you have plenty time to register. Here are the key dates you need to know…

Friday 9th February at 6.00am – the ballot opens

Saturday 17th February at 11:59pm – the ballot closes

Sunday 18th February – drumroll… the ballot is drawn*

Monday 19th February – successful runners are notified and the payment window opens**

Friday 23rd February at 11.59pm – the payment window closes

Saturday 24th February – unpaid ballots are re-allocated***

Thursday 29th February at 11:59PM – entries close

*Before the ballot is drawn, duplicate applications will be identified and removed to ensure fairness.

**Successful runners will receive an email from [email protected] – Follow the link in the email to pay and secure your place by Friday 23rd February @ 11:59PM. Unsuccessful runners will also receive an email.

***Unpaid ballots will be offered to unsuccessful runners based on their position in the ballot.

Concerned about a nightmare getting home? Divn’t worry pet.

This year your entry will also include pre and post-race transfer buses, so you needn’t worry about fighting through crowds and it taking hours to get home (we’re looking at you, GNR).

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