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I had a Hollywood wax at The Wax Bar, Jesmond – here’s everything you need to know

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Turns out getting a full wax isn’t so scary after all… Plus, how you can get 40% off if you want to try it for yourself.

Full disclosure – this wasn’t my first rodeo getting a Hollywood wax.

I’ve actually been getting them for about 15 years and have been a regular at The Wax Bar, Jesmond, for five of those.

Let’s be honest, waxing is never a beauty treatment that you feel excited about. Especially when it’s your most intimate area.

Over the years I’ve had some truly horrifying experiences (more on those later, strap in), but the team at The Wax Bar make it as comfortable and pain free as possible thanks to their waxing expertise and the products they use.

My first tip – get them regularly. Book your next appointment (around 4-6 weeks after) when you’re leaving the salon so it’s in your diary. By the second and third time, it’s much less daunting, the hair is much finer and as my mother would say, “after a while, it’s like shelling peas”.

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The best way to describe it is everything off. All pubic hair is removed from the top, underneath and around the back (labia, perineum and anus) as well as the top. There’s not a single hair left.

It only differs from a Brazilian in that there isn’t a ‘landing strip’ left on the top. Personally, I prefer a Hollywood because I think if you’re going to do it, go all in, but it’s all down to personal preference.

I had a Hollywood wax at The Wax Bar, Jesmond – here’s everything you need to know


The reason I love it is because they’ve niched in on precision and intimate waxing.

When you visit, you know that whatever therapist you get has been expertly trained and carries out the treatments all day every day so they’re extremely experienced and have seen it all.

To recap on the horror stories I mentioned at other salons – I’ve had one therapist start waxing my eyebrows instead of my bikini area then was completely unprepared for the treatment, and one who wasn’t properly trained and covered my entire bikini area in wax then didn’t know how to get it off (I still get cold sweats thinking about this one).

Finding a salon that really knows what they’re doing was a godsend.

The Wax Bar is award-winning and specialises in creating an individual waxing experience for everyone who walks through their door.

They use Lycon wax which is so much more comfortable than strip wax – essentially this only removes the hair whilst protecting the skin underneath. Lycon wax literally shrink wraps the hair without touching the skin. It means all of the hair is removed without breakages.

The essential oils in the wax promote skin hydration giving the softest, smoothest skin – perfect for intimate areas.

And the best part about Lycon wax? It barely even hurts. Seriously. Painful waxing really is a thing of the past when you combine this with the skilled therapists at The Wax Bar.


All you need to do to prepare is have a shower before the appointment. Just dry with a towel and don’t moisturise the area.

From there, the experts take over. Your therapist will carefully apply the Lycon wax in small patches, starting at the top and sides until all of the hair is removed.

Chatting through the process makes the time fly and before you know it, they’ll be finished. The team are super friendly, will guide you through the whole process and are happy for you to take a breather if you need a break.

For the bottom area, the days of unceremoniously getting onto all fours are over. You’ll just need to lie on your back and raise your knees for a few moments at the end – then you’re done.

At home, just make sure you exfoliate every few days to avoid ingrown hairs and use a moisturising balm or cream (after 12 hours) to keep the area silky smooth.

From the first appointment, hair will grow in finer and over time if you keep up regular appointments, it will be almost completely pain free and take much less time.


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0191 281 2183

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