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How to keep your dog cool in this hot weather

We ask Sean McCormack, Head Vet at tails.com, for his summertime secrets.

Written by High Life North
Published 14.07.2022

When the sun is shining, it’s easy to forget our canine companions can often find the weather too hot to handle.

Whilst we can easily sweat to keep cool, dogs don’t sweat like we do and instead lose heat through panting.

Which is why we’ve asked Head Vet at tails.com, Sean McCormack, for five top tips to help keep our dogs cool and happy now it’s heating up outside…

  1. For those long summer days and humid nights, we recommend investing in a cooling mat to give your dog somewhere to, literally, chill out. A wet towel or cooling jackets also work a treat.
  2. For a complete cool-down, set up a shallow paddling pool for your dog to splash around in – just make sure there’s room in case you can’t resist joining them! If your dog prefers to stay inside, keep the curtains closed to keep the heat out and set up a fan for the ultimate chill-out den.
  3. Make sure to walk your dog in the mornings or the evenings to avoid the heat of the day. This is particularly important for brachycephalic (flat-faced) dogs who find it much more difficult to lose heat through panting and are more prone to heatstroke.
  4. Whether you’re out and about or chilling at home, ensure your dog has access to plenty of fresh water. Travel bowls or doggy drinking bottles are easy to carry around with you on days out and are super handy for giving your dog a refreshing drink or a tails.com lunch on the go.
  5. Make your dog a refreshing batch of Frozen Chicken & Apple Bites from our very own The Happy Dog Cookbook, co-authored by myself alongside Annabel Karmel, best-selling author on family food and nutrition.


Makes: About 40, depending on ice cube tray size

Prep: 10 minutes, plus 4–6 hours freezing


1⁄2 low-salt chicken stock cube

450ml boiling water

2 apples, cored and diced

Cooked chicken breast, diced (optional)

Paw or bone-shaped ice-cube trays (although any ice-cube trays will do)


  • Add the stock cube half to the boiling water and stir until dissolved, then allow the stock to cool.
  • Divide the apple and chicken pieces between the holes in the ice-cube tray.
  • Pour the cooled stock into the ice-cube trays, filling them almost to the brim.
  • Freeze and serve on warm summer days, a few at a time. Keep them in the freezer for up to 3 months.


Back in 2013, a small group of people came together – including the brand’s CEO, James Davidson – to bring one vet’s idea to life. They set out to solve a problem at the heart of pet food: despite the overwhelming choice of one-size-fits-all food in the shops, there was never anything that could tick all the boxes. Long lists of mysterious ingredients on the label only made things more complicated – there had to be a better way to feed dogs right.

And so tails.com began, assembling a crack team of experts including vets, nutritionists and engineers (and their dogs) to develop a super-smart way to create a unique recipe for every single dog. From breed and age, incorporating each dog’s

individual food preferences and taking into consideration everything from itchy skin conditions and allergies, every dog’s tails.com recipe is based on information only their owners could know.


Find out more at tails.com or follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

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